On Friday we posted up the new ICS Airsoft Catalogue, and what a cache of goodness we have to look forward to this year!

We’ve had a fabulous relationship with ICS for many years and have featured numerous models from them in Airsoft Action, and way back in Issue 91 in 2018 Bill took a look at the CXP-MARS DMR and concluded;

“You can pick up a CXP-MARS DMR from Fire Support and ICS continue to give tremendous value for money; this is a completely solid, visually attractive AEG that will be a joy to own and skirmish with and I for one look forward to see where ICS are going to head next!”

Fast forward to Issue 108 and his question was answered to a degree when he got hands on the CXP MARS Komodo SSS Limited Edition where he told everyone;

“Now the ICS “CXP MARS Komodo 3S Limited Edition Grey” has a price tag iro UK£460 so is it worth the money? I’d have to say an absolute yes to that as the fit, finish, quality of overall craftsmanship, and proven performance of accessory parts married up to the very latest in internal wizardry create a pretty unique package; I for one question to a degree what more you can do with current technology to make a better standard AEG out of the box!”

But once again ICS have moved things forward with the very latest CXP-MARS II!

The latest iteration of these super AEGs has inherited the core values of MARS Series, and the brand new MARS II will arrive with many revolutionary changes within. Multiple pre-upgraded parts, refined structure, the latest SSS.III E-Trigger System just kick things off, and with the new MAGPUL-authorized M-LOK rail system in place, all efforts have been made to offer a better platform to airsofters straight out of the box!

We’re pleased to report that an evaluation sample of the new CXP-MARS II has just arrived at AAHQ so it’s time to get it to the range for some proper abuse before we report back!