It seems to us like our good freinds at G&G Armament are really setting their table early this year, and we’re pleased this morning that they’ve contacted us to tell us all about their 100% new PCC45 AEG!

We’re already hearing from a number of manufacturers that they’re going to be working on “Pistol Calibre Carbines” or “PCCs” in the coming year so this is most definitely an area to watch; although this G&G model looks more to us like an SMG rather than a carbine it’s uses a “.45 Cal” magazine (both mids and hi’s will be available!) and has a cool, clean look to the lines, along with being rammed with lots of the cutting-edge tech we now expect from G&G.

G&G Tell us: “We are pleased to introduce our newest AEG of the new year, the PCC45! Following the success of the 9mm calibre trend, we’re excited to introduce our first-ever 45 calibre-style. The highly anticipated AEG will be available soon!”

Watching the feeds over the weekend there’s already a lot of discussion online about this new AEG, as there is within the Airsoft Action team, and we’re delighted to say that a test model is already winging its way over to us direct from G&G in Taiwan for closer inspection and range testing! We’re hoping to have this exciting model featured in the February 15th Issue if the couriers are able to get it to us in time, so watch this space for further intel!