It’s been a bit of a whirlwind weekend for all of us at Airsoft Action, and we’re still basking a bit in the afterglow of taking back our position as BEST AIRSOFT MAGAZINE 2022 as voted for by you, our fellow players!

But we’re not going to let this go to our heads, as winning is one thing, but winning again next year is quite another as we face some stiff OPFOR! Rest assured though that we’ll be working even harder to keep our insightful content rolling, and what better way to start than to throw a brand new AEG into our “MONDAY GUNDAY” slot, in the form of the MXC 9 ENHANCED SMG from our great friends at G&G!

The AA IWA crew saw a lot of great new technology from G&G thanks our new mates at Jolly Softair, and amongst it all was a new model that really took our eye, and that was the MXC 9! Benefitting from a lightweight yet durable body made from high-grade reinforced polymers, the MXC 9 will also be coming with a Patented Conductive Hinge Folding Stock and Four Channel Converging Magazine (a TOTALLY new feed design!), a pre-installed MOSFET and Electronic Trigger Unit (E.T.U.), and an M-LOK Rail System! G&G tell us that the new SMG will be fully compatible With G&G PCC 45 Lower Receiver, and as we have a couple of those in long-term test we’ll have a close look at that…

The MXC 9 ENHANCED really looks to be heading towards what has previously been quite unassailable “EVO territory”, and from what we saw at the show in Germany the guys from ASG were really paying VERY close attention to the new model… only testing and time will tell if it’s a true contender, but as G&G have already shipped us a test model from Taiwan we’ll be able to give you the full lowdown sooner rather than later!

As usual with us… watch this space!