With the new issue live and available to read FREE now, it’s time for us to get back to business and check out what new shiny things are landing where right now! We forsee that with many manufactures confirming to us that they won’t be taking part in the 2022 show circus we’ll be seeing a lot of new airsoft goodness coming in to land sooner rather than later direct with distributors and key retailers!

Fresh in the door at Land Warrior (LWA) HQ we hear that they’ve had a big restock of great quality products from Umarex! As their sole UK distributor, LWA are always the first to receive all their amazing airsoft goodies!

We’re told that the delivery includes many variants of their awesome HK416 replicas, the most up-to-date and faithful versions on the market, fully licensed by Heckler and Koch themselves! From the short barrel CQB variants to the mighty M27, you can complete that modern special operations look now.

Another returning product is a real fave, and a highlight of 2021 releases; the MP7 Gen2 AEG! LWA tell us that they have been very impressed by the performance of this small but vicious RIF, and so were their customers who nabbed the previous batches! Perfect for working those tight corners of CQB arenas yet more than capable of performing on outdoor fields where range is king, LWA also have plenty spare magazines currently in-stock, so be sure to get in quick before they’re all gone!

For all things Umarex and all things shooting in the UK from replica’s to real steel, check out the LWA website here and be sure to follow them on Facebook and Instagram for daily updates of what’s going on at Land Warrior Airsoft… because we certainly do.