We’re back in the office after our little Easter break, and raring to go again after a weekend of over-indulgence (GO MEAT!) and a chance for some of the crew a chance to get out and get in-game!

As we run up to Issue 138 next month we’ve been taking a close look at some of the latest tactical kit from PRIMAL GEAR courtesy of our mates over in Poland at GUNFIRE, and thus far we’re really liking the THYLA CHEST RIG!

The THYLA is a great-looking, ergonomic platform that does not restrict your movement thanks to it’s ultra-light construction; the Aspen500D fabric significantly reduces the weight of this thorughly modern rig whilst not compromising durability. The rig also has a comfortable “skeletonized” harness that provides a wide range of adjustment, and thanks to this, you get a unique bit of kit like no other currently available on the market.

It’s worth paying attention to design elements like the lower front “loops”, to which you can easily attach additional pouches and accessories, and we’ve been trying a election of different setups to see just how modular and versatile the THYLA truly is; the side areas of the rig have been adapted to carry additional equipment in two deep, fixed side pouches, minimizing the need to install additional pouches, and reducing the weight of the entire system even further!

We’ve also found that the whole setup works perfectly with the THERI belt, and we’ll be reporting back in full soon!