We just got a shout out from our mates at iWHOLESALES here in the UK to let us know that they’ve had a BIG CYMA restock, and amongst this we’re very pleased to see the latest addition to the CYMA CGS (CYMA Gas System) ARs in the form of the EMG DDM4 PDW SBR!

Recognized as a leading name in the firearms industry, Daniel Defense stands out as a symbol of excellence, known for its unwavering commitment to quality and precision. As a cornerstone in manufacturing, Daniel Defense specializes in creating complete rifles, individual components, and accessories that consistently meet the highest industry standards.

And the “shorty version” of the DDM4 is sure to please a LOT of players out there, especially those who favour a bit of hard n’ heavy CQB action!

This is a compact and ergonomically sound AR with a reliable internal system that we wrote about in our initial review of the CYMA CGS (CYMA Gas System), and the package includes the DDM4 PDW (black or tan available) itself, plus a 30 BB magazine and folding “BUIS”, but the space provided up on top just cries out for a holosight!

With magazine compatibility with TM MWS, Lancer MWS-style, and dedicated CYMA mags there’s a bit more choice on acceptable models to “feed the beast” too!

This is a great looking platform that comes courtesy of another industry collaboration of trusted partners, and we’re certain that it’s going to tempt a lot of players down the “gas-life route”; we’d certainly like one to add to our armoury, that’s for sure,  and the good news is that they should be in UK stores any time now!