You may have noticed that yesterday we left our own MONDAY GUNDAY slot unfilled, and this was for a VERY good reason as we knew that our very good friend Chris over at the Airsoft &MilSim News Blog (AMNB) was about to drop his very own take on the VFC BCMAIR MCMR 11.5“ AEG and knowing his ability with a camera as well as with an airsoft carbine we had no doubt that it would be something very special, and we weren’t wrong!

The MCMR is most certainly causing a lot of conversation is airsoft “those that know, know” circles, and of course it’s the model gracing the cover of the current issue of Airsoft Action, with Bill’s full review in prime position… to cut to the chase Bill said of the VFC;

“This is every bit the AEG I hoped it would be, and for those of you that have been waiting so patiently you will not be disappointed; from my “modern-shooter” perspective I love it in every way possible! The MCMR is simply a stunning RIF, so if you fancy something unique, that’s high quality and really delivers on the performance front, then I’d urge you to check out this new model, and I am excited to see what my old friends at VegaForceCompany do with the “BCMAIR” program next!”

And it would seem that Chris is in complete agreement with our evaluation, as he says;

“I know some of you out there already say “it’s just another M4 build, come on don’t hype it that much”, and yes, you’re right. It’s basically an M4 on an already existing AEG platform (internally) by VFC, but what makes the difference here is the license from BCM including their rifle accessories that offer new ways of modifications which some of us who pay attention to such details with their kits/loadouts really enjoy!

If you find yourself in this group, the BCMAIR MCMR is made for ya!”

To check out the full AMNB evaluation, which includes some stunning images of the new AEG, then simply click HERE