As we roll on to the end of this working week, all of the AA Crew are stoked that it’s time for more of what we all love… AIRSOFT!

It’s been a busy one for us as we’ve been putting the finishing touches to the new Issue of Airsoft Action that will drop TOMORROW, so stay tuned and watch out for it as it’s another 100-PAGE cracker filled with airsoft goodness, and of course, as always, it’s TOTALLY FREE TO READ!

But as we head into the weekend, work continues as “the presses never sleep”, and there’s even MORE stories in the making…

Bill is onto range testing for the latest batch of samples to arrive, and tells us that “I’m actually quite stoked as we have a few things that have come in that are totally “WICK”, and I’m really looking forward to shooting them! I’ve also got the SECUTOR ASTRA XI SHADOW and the HUNTSMAN TACTICAL M4 SHORT to put through initial testing!”

He also tell us that “I’ll be getting together with Jimmy as we have some new technical projects with PERUN and MANCRAFT to discuss”, and talking of Jimmy, he says that “I’m really looking forward to getting some new tech on the workbench this weekend, although I still need to make some refinements to the VSR/MANCRAFT build… I can see that never being entirely done!”

Team game commitments continue as always though, as Miguel reported in that “We are hitting “Missão Martim” (Martim Mission), a charity game to help the son of an Airsoft player who unfortunately suffers from a brain tumor. It’s the 3rd game of a series and so far they have managed to raise over 2000€. That’s why I’m also selling raffles for a Viper Tactical VX set, to raise a bit more and help the family. The game will take place in an active container park, so we got some CQB action coming up!”

Chris is going out, and he said that “I’ll be be playing this weekend at Plantation”, whilst Stewbacca reported that “we’re either going to Hutoushan or Sanzhi depending on the weather, and further to my own musings on Taiwan’s national defence in the upcoming issue, apparently German media are visiting our team’s game to report on different facets of firearms and civil defence culture in Taiwan. So that should be good.”

Dan is also heading to something a bit special; “finally some airsoft for me! I will be attending a Fallout-themed airsoft event this weekend. If you’re familiar with the video game franchise, that’s what this is based off of. It’s been a yearly thing since it kicked off in 2018 and is always a lot of fun. I’ll probably be reprising my usual role of ‘wasteland wanderer’. I still need to dust off my costume and make sure yet that everything is good to go. There’s going to be a contest for best costume, and the winner gets to take home a custom made mini-nuke built by a community member!”

Bjorn is hoping to get to another site, and said in our chat group “I’m thinking of going to the old cotton powder factory (100km away) for some games on Saturday, but just as a regular player this time and not as a “scenario character”…”

Both Larri and our newest Legionnaire Elvis have family commitments this weekend, but we thought we’d share a picture this week of Elvis in his awesome kit with his SPECNA ARMS MK18 Block II with Gate Aster inside and some very cool accessories on the outside… one teaser for the new Issue tomorrow is that Bill is landing his two-years-in RELOADED report on the Mk18, so be sure to look out for that!

Whatever your own style of airsoft-play may be though, we hope that you’ll have an fabulous weekend, and as always we’ll round out the week by saying Play hard, Play safe, and above all Play with Honour!