After a successful main office move and some much-needed vacation time WE’RE BACK!

But we’ve not been idle in our downtime as Issue 142 went live on September 15th as planned, and we’re already steaming ahead with Issue 143 ready for October 15th, and it’s lining up to be yet another cracker!

And we’re pleased to announce that both Red Cell and The AA Legion have new members joining the existing “familia” as we welcome UK player Ben Sharp (Red Cell/AA Legion, centre of image above) and Elvis Varcelija from Serbia (AA Legion) who we are certain will bring their very own take to some of our features; we’ll introduce them both properly in due course!

We also have added a new category to our wider team by way of the “AA Legion Associates”; these are trusted people in the industry that we have worked with directly for some time such as Ryan and Marck from LayLax, Chris Bravo from the Airsoft & MilSim News Blog, and Josh from Krios Photography who will be working with us closely on a number of projects in the future.

Why have we done this?

It’s simple really, we want to ensure that you as AA readers and online followers have the very best airsoft content that we can provide not just once a month but EVERY. SINGLE. DAY!

The airsoft world moves onwards at pace, and we want to make sure that Airsoft Action is your go-to English language choice as it does so, a source that can be trusted to deliver news and content in a timely manner and that will make a difference, and we’ll carry on adding great players, content creators and industry professionals to the team to make this happen as we move forward.

So yes, we’re back, we’re set for the future, we’re refreshed and WE ARE GOOD TO GO, so watch this space!