At Airsoft Action we’re not only fans of gear from UF PRO, but also of their regularly updated blog which covers all manner of interesting and useful tactical gear and doctrine topics!

Although not all of us are trained medics, we do always carry a small First Aid Kit on our belt kit when we’re out playing, and indeed keep a larger version in our packs and cars, and this is something that we’d recommend to all players as it’s all too easy to pick up a cut or scrape whether you’re in the woods or in a CQB/CQC environment.

Courtesy of UF PRO if you’re “unsure about which essential medic gear to pack for everyday scenarios in civilian life? Find out in this blog post written by a former SF Combat Medic. He reveals the contents of the medical kits he typically carries on his person, in his car, and out at the shooting range—plus he shares what goes into his secret “BooBoo bag”.”

Check it our HERE!

And there’s also a superb accompanying video HERE.