Yep, the latest issue of AIRSOFT ACTION, the airsoft magazine written BY AIRSOFTERS FOR AIRSOFTERS is out – and it is a ONE HUNDRED AND SIX PAGE WHOPPER!!

If you like your airsoft guns you’ll love these: VFC’s Mk48, S&T’s Lee Enfield, Bolt’s Daniel Defence Dagger Lite and a Custom L129 from Dave’s Custom Airsoft – and if you still want more, Red Cell is packed with SMGs!

Kit & Gear includes MAPA from Gunfire, Magnum Ultima boots and packs that are good to go, plus a closer look at Virtual Shot and two interesting events in Taiwan.

Into “miniature” battlefields? Then don’t miss Bill’s crossover article about “Black Powder Red Earth”, a table top game created by people who really know what they are talking about!

…and, as always, on top of all that we have our regular features and articles!

106 PAGES OF NON-STOP AIRSOFT ACTION… What’s not to like!

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