Specna Arms have been a little quiet to start 2022, but we, and anyone that follows their social media, know that there’s a whole host of goodies on the way from them in the near future!

We’re liking the look of the SA-C17 CORE AEG as not only does it move this program forward for them in relation to their latest polymer-bodied models, bit it also shows where yet another “industry collaboration” has progressed too, as it’s equipped with a front M-LOK rail manufactured under the Strike Industries license! The replica also comes with the newest M-LOK angled grip designed by Specna Arms which we saw in 3D-printed form way back when we met with the Spacna Arms team at SHOT 2020.

The SA-C17 is well-priced as we’d expect for an AEG of this type, with the receivers, the stock tube with the enlarged SF type stock housing the battery, an the pistol grip are made out of a polymer plastic reinforced with nylon fiber. Other components, such as the barrel, RIS front, flash hider, enlarged cocking handle and tactical sling point are made out of metal (all screws, pins, case ejector flap and dummy bolt are made out of steel). There are markings and a serial number on the receiver.

One of the AEGs features is a quick spring change system, ESA™. The system allows for a quick and efficient adjustment of the replica’s power to the requirements in the field of play, without the need of tool usage; just unscrew the stock guide to reveal the access to the spring, without having to remove or disassemble the gearbox. The advantages of the ESA™ system cannot be overestimated; this system allows the user a considerable amount of freedom. The ESA ™ system allows you to quickly, with little to no effort change the main spring, and thus adjust the muzzle velocity of the AEG to the requirements of the game organizer. This guarantees an ideal compromise between effectiveness and the safety of other players.

The AEG has also been fully adapted to work with LiPo and LiFe batteries. Thanks to the basic muzzle velocity of iro 380 FPS guaranteed by the factory-installed main spring, the replica is perfect for middle-range operations. The set also includes an M90 spring, which allows you to reduce the initial muzzle velocity to iro 310 FPS, making it perfectly usable at closer ranges or inside buildings.

The gearbox has 8mm bearings and fitted on them. The system is secured by means of four anti-reversal latches. A light polycarbonate piston is fitted with a full steel tappet plate increasing its durability. The AEG also benefits from a steel cut-off lever, as well as a precise rotary Hop-Up chamber,a high-quality precision barrel (6.03mm), and the durability of the components allows for using M140 springs!

Hopefully we’ll be able to get our hands on a sample to check out on the range in the near future, but for now you can check out all the goodness HERE!