As we’re heading on to the weekend again, and as many of you hopefully prepare to hit your local skirmish site or a larger game we’re continuing to share the invaluable information that’s been created by UFPRO and shooter Rick Crawley to give you some food for thought on how you can improve your own handgun skills!

Pistol trigger control needs to happen sooner rather than faster. Rick Crawley from Achilles Heel Tactical will guide you from drawing to the point of breaking the trigger in the most interrupted manner. By this point, as he prepares to focus on follow-through steps, you should have mastered grip, hands marriage, stance, and posture. The follow-through (or, recovery) steps begin after you prep the trigger and execute that round.

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Whatever you may be up to this weekend, have fun, and if you’re playing then hit it hard and have a GREAT time!