We always try to find something on a Friday that might give you pause for thought, and indeed ideas for airsoft builds, in lieu of getting out to a game although we hope as much as you that this will happen sooner rather than later now!

We’re BIG fans of MAGPUL COMMS, and there’s a host of excellent videos on there that we love watching, but there’s also some excellent articles to read and so we thought we’d highlight their series on Precision Rifle Shooting (PRS) today for those that have an interest in “long guns”.

Like many of you, our own airsoft shooting has been restricted to the range for some time now, so the lure of finding out what we can actually, and realistically, achieve with a long gun, a decent optic, and accessories has kept us thoroughly entertained over the last year, and we’ll be bringing this to the main “monthly issue” as a report series later in the year!

For now though, check out what the “Pros” say about getting set up for PRS, and find out how you can get started by checking out the article HERE