Let’s face it, when it comes to those “tacticool orginators” there has to be one name right up there, and that’s 5.11 Tactical!

Bill was recently speaking with his good friend Pete, “The Platoon Leader”, from his local store Platoon Stores and they got into a lengthy conversation about how 5.11 have been a little bit in the doldrums in recent years but have now thoroughly re-upped their game with some righteous new additions to their extensive range of clothing, footwear, gear and accessories; Platoon Stores is a major 5.11 stockist and Pete showed us some of the new gear that’s sure to make even the most jaded of “geardos” sit up and take notice!

The truth of the matter is that 5:11 Tactical take their time about things.

5.11 are a huge international company that have the luxury of being able to really work things through rather than just jumping on the bandwagon for the sake of a quick buck. As much as 5:11 gear has always been popular with airsofters they really do build for the “real world” so every single thing that they make has to be 100% fit for purpose. No corners are cut in terms of design, fabrics, materials and construction, so when you buy into 5:11 you really are getting the “real deal”, not a dodgy copy that’s going to come apart just because you look at it!

But if looking at gear is your thing, as it is ours, and finding the right piece of clothing or equipment to ultimately do the job is was designed to do , and for some considerable time, then we hope you’ll enjoy leafing through the latest 5.11 catalogue over this coming weekend!

As always though, if you possibly can, just get out and play airsoft and leave the reading until later!