There’s a LOT of interest out there about mounting micro and mini sights to pistol models at the moment, indeed more than ever before, and it’s interesting that we’re seeing more and more GBBs arriving from the manufacturers with modular mounting options!

This of course means that you can buy your favourite pistol model and set it up with whatever sight you prefer rather that what comes as “stock”, so we’ll be keeping you posted on new sights that we see!

As it would happen, we just heard from the guys at Sightmark with news about updates to their Mini Shot A-Spec Reflex Sight.

For accurate shots at close- to medium-shooting ranges, Sightmark has introduced the 2 MOA Mini Shot A-Spec reflex sight. The A-Spec is a compact reflex sight for pistols, shotguns, and even ARs/Carbines. Joining the current line of Sightmark Mini Shot reflex sights made for law enforcement, competitive shooters and EDC, the redesigned A-Spec includes improved durability with the one-piece housing and a sleeker profile at a competitive price.

Two models will be available, both with a 2 MOA illuminated dot. SM26045 will have a red dot and SM26046 will have a green. Ten brightness adjustment settings ensure you get the dot on target quickly in any lighting condition, even broad daylight.

The 2 MOA dot is made for precise shots past 50 yards. The Sightmark Mini Shot series of reflex sights are parallax-free after 25 yards and come with a limited lifetime warranty.