So, trains, planes, and automobiles!

That’s how a trip to SHOT SHOW always starts and Boycie and Li’l Stu are now en route to Vegas, baby!

Boycie just checked in to let us know that;

“Well here we go!

We’ve just finished our morning caffiene-injection before heading off to the train station to start the long trip over to Las Vegas and SHOT SHOW 2023!

It all started with a 130 mile trip to Casa De Li’l Stu before a further 110 mile train trip to good old Heathrow. Then a little further than The Proclaimers would walk, we have a flight of around 5200 miles to McCarran Airport to start an epic NINE DAY adventure in the land of the free and the home of the brave. We’re really looking forward to meeting up with our fellow Red Cell and AA Legion member Dan, as well as our friends and colleagues from the Swanson Media Group (the creators of “The Armed Lifestyle” online magazine that evolved from our sister publication PMCI!) including our old mate Trampas!”

Boycie and the crew will be reporting in daily from SHOT ’23 and we’ll be updating their adventure and all the coolness they see here on the web news… so watch this space!