RAVEN really seem to be rolling hot when it comes to solid and affordable GBB skirmish pistols, and they’re slowly but surely covering off some absolutely classic designs with their usual performance twists, and the latest that we’ve been testing is their new R9!

the AA crew were very, very pleased when we saw that they’d added the R9 (a “Beretta M9” inspired model in anyone’s book!) to their range; most will be aware that the Beretta M92 pistol served the majority of the US Forces during the Gulf War and the Afghanistan years, and if you’re creating a loadout for this period then a serviceable “Beretta” is exactly what you’re going to need!

Whether though you buy an RAVEN R9 as a simple, solid skirmish pistol, as a loadout-specific military model, or indeed just as a great all-round secondary with a bit of “McClane Magic” the fact is that RAVEN’s take is going to serve you well, and as it sits at that magic UK£100 mark it is most definitely NOT going to break the “bank of pocket money” either!

For our full review of this new GBB pistol be sure to tune in this weekend when Issue 138 drops!