If you’ve been playing airsoft for a while you’ll undoubtedly have heard the name EAST CRANE (E&C) whispered when it comes to AEGs and related internal products, and that’s largely because the Hong Kong-based company has acted as OEM for numerous high-quality airsoft brands!

Our mates at FIRE SUPPORT have been in touch to let us know that for UK players they now have an extensive range of E&C’s own AEGs and airsoft parts in stock, ranging from some absolutely classic M733, XM177X1, XM177X2, M16A1, M16A2, M16A1, w/M203, M653 models up to some as-now AR variants like the M4A1, M4A1 with RIS, MK18 and DV7!

At FIRE SUPPORT you’ll also find a whole host of other E&C accessories from receivers, rails, panels, flash hiders, internal upgrade parts and more!

With twenty years of experience, E&C have developed a top-flight airsoft manufacturing team, and this team have created some wonderful technology when it comes to airsoft internals, including highly reliable gearboxes, a revolutionary QC spring system (ECEC), precision metal Hop-up chambers and more.

E&C products have been recognized to be amongst some of the best in the game; why else would others go to them when they’re creating something new? The E&C team always strive to provide products of high quality, great appearance and reasonable price which is what all of us are looking for!

This is great news for players in the UK, and of course E&C models and accessories are available worldwide (don’t forget FIRE SUPPORT ship overseas!), so if you’re in the market for something right up to the minute and just a little different, from one of the “old guard” of the airsoft industry, then E&C products are certainly worth a look!