Back in Issue 136 Bill took a close look at the new custom GBBs and AEGs from Bolster Aromouries, and concluded that “with some clearly defined goals, some great-sounding, commercially-viable initial models, and the determination to take what they have to the next level I believe that Bolster Armouries could be a winner for the airsofter looking for “that little bit more”.

Bolster Armouries was founded with one primary mission: To provide airsofters with a range of RIFs which has been fine-tuned to provide the absolute peak in attainable performance together with breathtaking external quality. Each of our replicas is hand-assembled by some of the most experienced Airsoft gun-techs in the industry and is built to an exacting standard. Drop 2 of these limited edition RIFs features some of Bolster’s highly successful previous releases in a newly revised format, and two new custom-built Hi-capa GBB pistols, each with their own uniquely attractive style and of course, bristling with Airsoft Masterpiece, Waldo Customs and CowCow Tech upgrade parts.

And when it comes to AR platforms Bolster Armouries ONYX Forged Edition Advanced AR AEG has put together 8 months of extra research, development and testing adding some choice reinforcements to the ONYX platform along with some external changes to keep the ONYX at the cutting edge of airsoft platform design.

The ONYX Forged Edition AEG is fitted with the phenomenally powerful Warhead Industries 36K motor and the highly advanced Gate TITAN MOSFET, and just like its predecessor, has been hand built and perfectly tuned with nothing left to chance when pursuing its goal of outperforming any other out of the box AEG available. On the inside, the Forged Edition adds a Prometheus Hard Bevel Gear and a Guarder Reinforced Tappet plate to help handle the enormous strain from the Warhead Motor, but the rest of the high-grade internal parts remain, providing the same exceptional Bolster Armouries performance but forged stronger than ever before!

Externally the new ONYX Forged Edition AEGs come with an authentic real steel Magpul CTR carbine stock which remains one of the best carbine stocks in the world, and a plethora of PTS Syndicate ergonomic upgrades, including the superb Fortis CNC Aluminium front grip and luxuriously comfortable EPG pistol grip. The QD suppressor has been updated and is now the PTS MK18 SD QD Suppressor with PTS 51T flash hider, and a Maxx Model Ambidextrous magazine release has been added to provide swift mag changes for both left and right-handed shooters while matching the discrete accents provided by the metallic blue finish of the Maxx Model Speed Trigger perfectly.

As it was previously, the ONYX Forged Edition is available in two different lengths; the light and tight 10″ SBR configuration and the multi-role 14.5″ Carbine setup.

All models are offered in strictly limited numbers, so if what you see takes you fancy then don’t hesitate… get one now!