G&G ARMAMENT keep on trucking with the ARP 9, and why not as it’s a super little platform that’s seen action and paid its dues with players all over the world!

And G&G are back at it with ANOTHER improved ARP 9 and it’s what you can’t see that makes this ARP 9 special, as the all-new ARP 9 3.0 features their newest MOSFET Integrated Gearbox (MIG) to give you the best performance from an ARP 9 to date!

It features a 4.5-inch metal M-LOK rail with G&G’s signature polymer SR receiver. A minimalistic folding stock with their patent-pending technology allows power to be maintained in any stock position. It’s also sealed with a polymer hinge to prevent any exposure to the outside elements.

Included with the ARP 9 3.0 is the G&G M-LOK vertical grip and SS-50 mock suppressor CCW . A new 68 BB four-channel converging magazine (FCCM) will supply the maximum amount of BBs in a tiny package.

All in all this looks like a righteous little CQB firecracker to us, so if that’s your thing then G&G have you covered… again!

G&G tell us the new AEG will be available in December 2022 worldwide, so you can pre-order the new ARP 9 3.0 with your local dealer now!