We talk a lot about the holsters we use from KYDEX CUSTOMS, and we rely on these for the safe carriage and retention of our beloved handguns, and have done for some time!

But it’s actually longer than we thought as the guys have been in touch to tell us;

“Today is our 5th birthday! Thank you everyone for your continued support. We wouldn’t be where we are without you!

In celebration of our birthday, we’re offering a 15% DISCOUNT on all Kydex goods until midnight on 20th Jan.

Simply use the discount code BDAY15OFF during checkout.”

We can only wish Taig and his team a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY from all of us at AIRSOFT ACTION, and this is a great chance to pick up one of their holsters or associated kit with a healthy discount… go on, treat yourself… it may not be YOUR birthday today but you can help KYDEX CUSTOMS celebrate theirs and snag some righteous gear at the same time!