We’re forgoing our usual Friday “Team Post” today as part of the AA Crew continue to pound the halls of SHOT ’23 in search of the latest airsoft stories for the BIG REPORT to come in the FEB ISSUE, and not only have they seen more things to be wow’d by, but also managed to catch up with many old friends along the way! Boycie reported in from the Crew on the ground in Las Vegas to tell us:

“Wow, where do we start today? Another ELEVEN MILES of perusing the booths around the Las Vegas Expo Convention Center!

“For me the stand out moment of the day was when I met up with Jerry Miculek again after 27 years; we’d competed in real steel IPSC competition back in the 1990’s and he was the reason I started competing with revolvers as I still do now… what a pleasure!

Dan’s choice for DAY 3 was the ASG B&T APC 556 which will be available with both a collapsible and side-folding stock and 14″ barrel. The APC also sports a unique and easily accessible ‘trapdoor’ that hides the quick-change spring guide and battery compartment, the latter of which will house AK-style stick batteries. This looks to be a great setup and an option that has unique euro-styling and design features that will certainly appeal to users of the SCAR and BREN platforms.

Li’l Stu decided that, for him, the Silencerco Maxim 9 was his choice of the day. Despite the fact that it looks unwieldy to the eye, it certainly feels a lot more balanced in the hand, and it’s unique look certainly can turn heads. The ability to fit a tracer unit inside the front section of the pistol certainly is a great feature. Another great part of the Maxim 9 is the trigger; when pulled it feels really smooth and light. It also didn’t feel spongy or vague which isn’t the case on some other GBBP’s out there.

“The highlight product of the day for me was actually in the training realm rather than airsoft per se, the new, shown at SHOT for the first time, Umarex T4E Walther PDP. This is the first time that the PDP has been shown to the world. The unique thing about the PDP is that it is the first T4E to be supplied ready cut for an optic sight. Not only that but it will come, as standard, with the three main types of RMR/MRDS which are most commonly used, so for training it can be set up exactly like the real deal!

“So that wraps up our highlights for DAY 3, after having dropped off our swag bags in our room it was time to go out with our colleague from AL Magazine, Bernei and enjoy some down time.”

We wonder what DAY 4 will bring? Check in again to find out!

The rest of the AA LEGION are of course busy getting themselves prepped for games and events that they’ll be attending soon, and training in readiness for competitions on the horizon; we’ll be back next Friday to update on this!

For now though we hope that all of our friends attending SHOT ’23 are having fun and making the most of the show as it heads towards the final day! If you’re out to play as usual this weekend, then we’ll sign off by saying as always Play hard, Play safe, and above all Play with Honour!