When it comes to technical writing on tactical clothing in our opinion the guys at the UF PRO Blog are amongst the most incisive and informative out there, largely because their design team, led by “guru” Armin, really, REALLY understand the fabric technology behind an effective performance garment, and just what it takes to transform the appropriate technologies into something that’s 100% “fit for purpose” and more!

In a recent post on the UF PRO Blog they came up with solutions for the question “Which tactical jacket is right for you?”, stating:

“It’s easy to be overwhelmed by the many choices that are out there in tactical jackets, especially in regard to functionality, quality, performance characteristics, and value. In this blog post, we offer some guidelines to help you choose the perfect tactical jacket for your particular needs.”

To read the full article that is completely full of useful insights to guide you, then simply click HERE