News in this morning in relation to further legal collaborations between the firearms world and the airsoft industry in that SIG SAUER, Inc. have announced that its SIG AIR Division has officially joined forces with Evike Manufacturing Group (EMG) for future product development, and continued product distribution of SIG AIR airgun and airsoft products in the U.S. through

“This exciting collaboration between SIG AIR and EMG is a result of the increasing popularity and demand we are seeing in the marketplace for SIG AIR airguns and airsoft products,” said Tom Taylor, Chief Marketing Officer and Executive Vice President, Commercial Sales, SIG SAUER, Inc. “This new partnership with EMG will allow us to increase our product development capabilities allowing us to bring more SIG AIR products to consumers worldwide.”

The SIG AIR product line includes a series of traditional CO2 pellet and BB rifles and pistols that are designed to imitate the look, weight, balance, and handling characteristics of their traditional firearms counterparts. Additionally, SIG AIR offers a line of training products with the PROFORCE line of airsoft pistols, rifles, and accessories. Designed and developed from the ground up to deliver a realistic training experience that allows the user access to achieve a new level of performance potential.

“The team at and EMG are excited for the opportunity to join forces with SIG AIR to create new products, expand the SIG AIR product line, and provide a new dealer experience for SIG AIR products,” added Evike Chang, CEO of and President of EMG, Inc. “We are completely aligned with the SIG SAUER brand to bring the best-in-class airgun and airsoft experience to the SIG AIR product line.”

It would seem that the US domestic airsoft market is really experiencing a shakeup at the moment, with big brands vying for dominance, and this is something that is certain to reverberate around the world given the size of that market. SIG AIR have been going their own way for a while now, and this collaboration is definitely encouraging as it shows a real desire on the part of a major firearms industry “name” to be more directly involved in airsoft, especially now they have a route to market via one of Americas premiere retailers.

It’s also exciting that the collaboration includes EMG, and the phrase “allowing us to bring more SIG AIR products” and “increase our product development capabilities” are particularly interesting as this could mean more SIG replicas in the pipeline for the future!

Exciting developments, and we’ll be keeping a very close eye on “what happens next”…

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