Now that things are well and truly opening up again after the pandemic the importance of the AIRSOFT ACTION LEGION will become even more apparent as we interact more regularly with our fellow players all over the world!

And of course, as the LEGION expands we have more and more seasoned airsofters contributing not only to the monthly magazine, but also when it comes to our online presence generally; more and more we are seeing the avenues of sharing airsoft-related news and information taken away by the mainstream platforms, but as we totally own our own online space we will continue to ensure that we bring you more and more airsoft content!

And to get things rolling our very latest Legionnaire, Elvis, has sent in a report on a VERY cool piece of kit from AIRSOFT ARTISAN, and this is what he had to say!

We all want a great accessory for our replicas; this accessory rail comes from Airsoft Artisan and it is an exceptional item that captivates with excellent details, precise markings, and perfect colour, and of course CNC production that gives us a perfect product, without sharp edges and imperfect shapes. It is in the style of the “DD Block III” handguard for VFC, TM style replicas, for AEG and GBBR replicas!
My first impression was that it was exceptional. From the manufacturing itself, to the precise colour and perfectly made slots. Namely, with the appearance of the Block III handguard, my search for this type of M_LOK accessory is finally over.

We know that many products of this style have come out in the last couple of years, and that the very dear Block II was upgraded in a real steel version and came into use with special units, very familiar to us re-enactors, and my wish to own such an accessory finally came true. Extremely accurate and precise markings adorn this accessory, which in many respects rivals even more expensive replicas, and it can be said that it puts it at the top of the range of accessories of this type. The matte finish gives a perfect look, without glare and a bronze colouration, and excellent CNC processing has resulted in a smooth finish and comfort when handling, as well as hanging any M-LOK accessory, it has become the gold standard for Airsoft Artisan products.

Attaching the handguard itself is extremely easy and simple. My replica comes from Specna Arms and with a simple twist I get an excellent fit on my replica. The standard 22mm top rail accommodates all the scopes I own. There I also tried Elcan DR (EG tactical), XL reflex sight (Firefield), Nimrod red dot, Holy Warrior EXPS3… if you have doubts, we will stop here for a moment… Why? Because all the replica sights that I put on fit perfectly! No wobble, no imperfect edges. Simply. The handstop that I also got through Airsoft Artisan fits perfectly in the hand, is of exceptional quality and has no flaws.

The length of the handguard itself is 10.5″ and comes with an accessory, the barrel extension and weighs only 340g. It is available in black and FDE colors. Also, by mounting the KAC replica silencer, you get a small space behind, where you can see the barrel extension, while on SF 556 silencer replica (Airsoft Artisan), that space is much smaller and some may like that look more. However, we have a new product that with its quality, exceptional workmanship, perfect color and markings, recommends itself for purchase, and puts it to an extremely high level in the offering of this type of product that all of us in airsoft want in some way as an upgrade for our replicas.

Highly recommended, consider this or perhaps another AIRSOFT ARTISAN product, as they are well worth the investment!