Airsoft Action are very pleased to have our very own Dutch “Legionnaire” who in normal times would be reporting on games and events from there, but of course like most of Europe right now it’s a case of “all quiet on that front”…

However, we’ve noticed that the Dutch Army have a new camo on the way which opens up the possibility of a cool new loadout, and thankfully our friend and specialist contributor to AA, Lawrence, has just placed a great report on his blog ( about this with the assistance of another old mate, Gerard at Dutch Defense Press, so we thought it would be good to share this to give everyone the lowdown!

As Lawrence states in his blog article: “The Dutch Armed Forces are finally starting to receive new camouflage uniforms and personal equipment. But how did this come about, and what is the history of Dutch camouflage uniforms since 1945? Thanks to our friends at Dutch Defence Press we are able to bring you this exclusive English translation of an article by Major Fred Warmer – Military History Researcher, Netherlands Army.”

We’re always pleased to hear about new developments in the world of “camo”, so if learning the backstory to this is something that interests you as much as it does us, then you can check the full article out HERE