We just got sent a great review from Chris over at the Airsoft & Milsim News Blog to share about the UF PRO Windstopper Liner that’s designed to take their existing tactical pant models into real cold-weather territory!

Chris told us: “We teamed with our friends from Triple Action, an authorized UF PRO dealer in Germany to give the Windstopper Liner a try. What better time of the year to do so as now we thought! It seems like that Mother Hulda listened to us as she opened her window just a few days after it arrived to let it snow, following an temp. drop down to -10°C and icy wind a couple days afterwards too.”

The Liner comes as an accessory that can give your UF PRO Striker or P-40 pants (because it fits into both of them) an additional temperature range versatility; the Windstopper Liner converts your tactical pants into a cold weather pants including breathable wind protection and thermal insulation in under a minute of installation!

This is something that we’d find VERY useful for our own UF PRO Striker pants at this time of the year, and you can find out more by reading Chris’ in-depth review HERE