The AA crew are “wheels down” in Las Vegas, and reports are already winging their way across the ether from Boycie and Li’l Stu!

Things have definitely kicked off with range-shooting videos already hitting social media (Marck and Masaki from LayLax were definitely having WAY to much fun with SIG on the range!) as along with our friends from The Armed Lifetsyle online magazine (AL) yesterday the AA crew hit INDUSTRY RANGE DAY with all the excitement and enthusiasm you can imagine as this is where we get to shoot the very latest “real” as opposed to our beloved airsoft replicas!

Boycie reported in to tell us that;

“After a hearty all-American-style breakfast with the AL gang of Trampas, Cody, Amy, Jamie and Bernei, Li’l Stu and I headed over the road to the Venetian Expo Centre where we were going to board the coach out to the Boulder Rifle and Pistol Club near Boulder City (approx 40 minutes out of Las Vegas). Trampas had headed out earlier with Shaun to be there when we arrived…

The Boulder R&PC were hosting the INDUSTRY RANGE DAY for a huge number of exhibitors of firearms and accessories, and of course for the UK-based members of the team this meant Li’l Stu and myself were like “kids in a candy store”. Stu has said his “target #1” was the 1911; Stu is quite new to live firearms where as I started shooting way too many years ago to mention politely here! My aim (no pun intended….well, yes it was!) was to get to Kimber, Glock and Daniel Defense. Stu had also said he’d love to go “rock and roll” with a full auto rifle.

Our first stop at the range was the Flux Defense stand where we saw, and shot, one of their Raider pistols. This was a quite futuristic platform based off the SIG M17. Carrying over 40 rounds in two magazines this was termed as a “truck or pack gun” and there’ll be more inspirational info on this to follow in the main article in the AA February Issue. Most of our team took the opportunity to fire one of the six variants that they had on offer; Li’l Stu really enjoyed this stand and was his stand-out booth of the day!

For the rest of the day we hung out with Bernei, one of our fellow shooters, and had an awesome time laughing, joking and oh yes….shooting guns… many, MANY guns! Tomorrow will be day one proper of SHOT SHOW in the Venetian Expo Centre and there will be a LOT to see; We’ll also link up with Dan, our US-based AA brother for a full diary of meetings, so watch this space tomorrow for our highlights of DAY 1!”