RAVEN has really come on as a brand since their initial models launched, and although, like any manufacturer they’ve had some “ups and downs” it’s been pretty much all “ups” as the range has matured and grown!

As much as the existing RAVEN EU and “1911” models are straight-shooting, well-priced GBB pistols, and those ranges continue to grow, it’s obvious from the latest HI CAPA models we’ve tested that they are a BIG statement of intent of things to come!

The new range of RAVEN HI CAPAs, both 4.3 and 5.1, have moved on from the original RAVEN models, with a modern, strong, almost “blocky” look that is right on the button for current combat pistol design.

With the Hi CAPAs things have been kept completely streamlined without any fuss or ornate work to any of the main parts. These are pistols fundamentally designed to be skirmished with, to be used rather than just carried in a holster.

Numerous areas, like the chunky slide and frame have been beefed up to give them longevity and durability, with features only added where dictated by functionality, like the threaded outer barrels and the light/laser rail on the frame. Both the 4.3 and 5.1 are also available with an RDS.

There’s also an upgraded the slide spring to cope with the minimal increase in slide weight, and this results in giving them a real kick which we love!

If you’re interested in checking out all the models of the new RAVEN HI CAPA range then you can do so HERE

  • Brand Raven
  • Length(mm) 220/250
  • Weight (g) 920/970
  • Fire Modes Semi-Auto
  • Barrel Length (mm) 93.7/113
  • Barrel Bore (mm) 6.03
  • Rails Yes
  • Approx. FPS 295/328
  • Main Materials Polymer & Alu Alloy
  • Included Replica, Magazine & Manual
  • Compatible Magazines RGM-03-01
  • Gas Nuprol 2.0 / Nuprol 3.0