We’re going to get into a bit more detail with our MONDAY GUNDAY posts from here on out; we make a lot about the depth and standard of our testing when it comes to new AEGs and GBBs so today Stewbacca is going to give the lowdown on his initial impressions of the RA-TECH NOVESKE N4 10.5 GEN3 GBB.

After some testing both in-game and on the range he reported in that;

“Having had the RA-Tech GHK compatible licensed Noveske N4 10.5” GBBR for a week or so now I’ve already fielded it at last week’s skirmish out at our Yangmei outdoor/indoor mixed CQB site as well as using it at IPSC training for target practise and a new outdoor scrub land and forest skirmish site next to the airport earlier today.

This far I’m very impressed with the performance, as are all my teammates who have gotten hands on with it – the usual queue forming when they saw I had something new to try as always!

The range and accuracy are impressive, rivalling my VFC FAL and PSG-1 from the outset, throwing heavyweight 0.4/0.45/0.48g BLS BBs out to 40-60m with ease and in a very tight cone of fire at that, the accuracy and recoil experience are excellent thus far, with a good positive action that lacks the typical ‘sproinginess’ of many AR GBBRs, with a buttery smooth bolt carrier and cocking action that lacks the usual mid-travel hang up on the hammer you get with many GBBR platforms.

I’m looking forward to fielding it more in the coming weeks to bring a more detailed review for next issue, and might even field it at the upcoming MilSim alongside my VFC FAL if I can find more GHK PMAGs in stock around Taipei.

It’s looking like a very good gun all round thus far. Light, pointable, but no slouch on the performance for such a compact system.”

This is yet another interesting development as we keep seeing EMGs name in the mix with some very fine OEMs and new-tech initiators, and it appears that they’re working with some very, very fine people when it comes to the NOVESKE (and others!) licence!

We’re also very pleased to be talking direct to the lovely folks at RA-TECH themselves, so expect to see more on what they do in detail as we move on forward!