Within the Red Cell Program we are extremely thankful that numerous manufacturers trust us to really long-term test their products over an extended period; we have many AEGs and GBBs that continue to suffer much pain and abuse as we continue to hammer them, and amongst them is the original BAMF TEAM AEG from G&G ARMAMENT!

Scrupulously maintained, it’s a rifle that just about everyone in the test team adores both for the continued performance and the overall design aesthetic, and whatever we throw at it, it just keeps on coming back for more! However, we accept that this is an expensive AEG, so we’re REALLY pleased to see that another Cobalt Kinetics Licensed AEG is soon to be with us!

The all-new Cobalt Kinetics BAMF RECON is lighter (there’s also the BAMF STEALTH that’s shorter still and will no doubt be a fabulous CQB tool!) and more affordable than the original BAMF TEAM AEG, coming as it does with a polymer receiver and a full metal M-LOK rail to help balance the overall weight. That said it still has features of the original TEAM rifle like the the 90-BB Auto-Drop Advance Magazine (A.D.A.M)! This means the new AEG still comes with the patent-pending drop mechanism allowing the magazine to fall freely once the magazine is emptied. This top-tech feature enhances reloads to get you back into the fight, although an on/off switch is conveniently located on top of the magazine to enable or disable the drop mechanism.

The BAMF RECON also comes with a pre-installed MOSFET and an electronic trigger unit (E.T.U.) for optimal trigger pulls and increased battery protection, along with an upgraded ergonomic pistol grip for improved handling.

The BAMF RECON will be in stores soon, so you can pre-order with your local G&G stockist if you like the look of it… bottom line? We can’t wait to get our hands on one!