Another week and another pistol to kick off with, this time the awesome BSF-19 replica courtesy of a collaboration between EMG ARMS and APS/Hakkotsu!

EMG really seem to be making the most of the licences they’ve managed to secure from real firearms manufacturers in the USA, and this latest pistol model seems them working with no other than the somewhat legendary APS/Hakkotsu to create something quite unique and utterly stunning in appearance from real-deal creators F1 Firearms!

F-1 Firearms was incorporated in 2012 and their technological expertise and experienced team strive to be the best in the gun manufacturing industry and this gives them a very competitive edge. They take great pride in bringing advancements through modern weapons design and features into semi-automatic and automatic rifle systems. The company’s advanced weapons manufacturing facility is state of the art and F1 have assembled a top-notch team of experienced designers and machinists to ensure they manufacture and provide the finest 100% American-Made weapons and parts around. They also take great pride in employing U.S. Veterans from all facets of the United States Military.

We’ll go into far more detail on the real pistol when the review is finalised in our FEB ISSUE, but thanks to iWholesales in the UK we now have a green gas model in for testing, and even before we got it to the range it became much appreciated by all in the teams that got “hands-on” when it arrived with us. The features are 100% righteous;

High quality replica fully licensed by F-1 Firearms
Metal slide AND frame!
Deep engraved trademarks
Specially-designed slide cuts to reduce weight and assist with operation
Spiral-cut outer barrel offers lighter weight and a distinct look
Optics ready design to accept RMR-footprint red dot sights
Extended-style magazine makes reloads quick and easy
Frame-mounted rail allows for the attachment of lights, lasers, and other standard 20mm RIS accessories
Includes 11mm positive (CW) to 14mm negative (CCW) adapter

We’ve just started the test process with this little beauty, but so far the replica BSF-19 has already won our hearts… especially as the model we have is on one of our fave camo patterns, Multicam Black!

Watch out for further updates on the BSF-19 along with some other fabulous handguns that are just about to drop for 2023!