So, we’ve been on all week so far about the fact that MOA 2022 in Taiwan is kicking off tomorrow, and already our social media and news feeds are full of updates, and we have to admit that we’re just a bit excited here at AAHQ!

VEGAFORCECOMPANY are in with an early strike with announcement of their latest GBB creation, and YES! It’s an M249!

With the last couple of years causing a little bit of a slowdown we’re expecting to see great things at MOA from all the Taiwanese manufacturers… and indeed from those manufacturers that are visiting the show to showcase their wares to the Asian market direct. We’ve so far seen images of both the BOLT and LCT stands as well as that of VFC, and they’re all looking righteous, and of course we’re interested to see exactly what SPECNA ARMS bring to the party as they attend the show for the first time!

Stewbacca of course will be on-site for the duration and covering everything for Airsoft Action, and we’ll be bringing you as many highlights of the show as we can, as things happen!

For now, sit back and get ready for the first major airsoft show post-pandemic; we’re CERTAIN it’s going to be a GREAT one!!!