It’s the weekend again, and as we’re not sadly out playing a game, perhaps it’s time to work on your AEG or GBBR!

If you’re new to airsoft and have just bought your very first “AR”, or indeed fancy a different viewpoint on what to do with your latest “AR Build”, then the guys over at MAGPUL have some great tips and advice that you can dip into.

Although these videos are obviously put together for real firearms users there’s nothing to say that the lessons they offer aren’t applicable in the main to your own AEG or GBBR. In the words of MAGPUL themselves:

“If it’s your first one (AR), then you may be thinking “what do I do now?” Well, some of us have some time on our hands and we’d like to help pass on some knowledge that will help you make your new firearm more capable, more ergonomic, and more able to suit your needs.

You’ll find a series of videos we’ve put together that cover a range of topics every AR owner, new and old, should know. From AR-15 basics, upgrades that you can make, to practicing proper firearm safety, we’ve got you covered.”

Check out the ongoing series of MAGPUL COMMS videos HERE