What a difference a day makes, right?

We’re pretty darn excited this morning to finally be able to talk about the KRYTAC EXCLUSIVELY LICENSED SILENCERCO MAXIM 9!

Featured in some of our favourite games like Ghost Recon: Wildlands and Breakpoint, along with Division 2, this is a pistol replica that’s going to make a lot of airsoft shooters very happy indeed, including a number of the AA Crew that like to roll a DIV2 loadout!

IRL the SilencerCo Maxim 9 is an integrally suppressed 9x19mm pistol manufactured by the SilencerCo company, who are known primarily for manufacturing suppressors. It was designed to be an integrally suppressed pistol compact enough to be holstered, but remain safe to shoot without hearing protection. It can also be configured to be shorter and the manufacturer states it is safe to fire subsonic ammunitions without without hearing protection in its shortened configuration.

And now KRYTAC, manufacturer of premium performance airsoft replicas, have finally announced their first gas powered airsoft gun, through an exclusive licensing agreement with SilencerCo to create an airsoft version of the famous Maxim 9!

“We’re excited for the opportunity to share our Maxim 9 with the airsoft community,” said SilencerCo Product Manager, Andrew Herbst. “KRYTAC has done an amazing job of integrating desireable airsoft features without sacrificing the authenticity of the original Maxim 9. The attention to detail and overall quality is exactly what we expect from the leading manufacturer of airsoft products. We look forward to partnering with KRYTAC with the hopes of expanding into additoinal offerings in the future.”

The standard version of the KRYTAC Maxim 9 will be offered in the short configuration, with either a green gas or CO2 magazine. The KRYTAC Maxim 9 Deployment Pack will consist of the standard configuration pistol, with one green gas and one CO2 magazine, including all Maxim 9 accessories in a custom carry case with foam for the Maxim 9 and all accessories. The Maxim 9 Deployment Pack is scheduled for shipping to distributors by the end of December 2022.

Accessories sold separately will include the Maxim 9 Tracer and Extended Baffles Kit, Multi-footprint Optics Plate, Maxim 9 dedicated holster, and a short keymod rail section. The Maxim 9 Standard, Tracer and Extension Kit, Muti-footprint Optics Plate, and keymod rail section are scheduled for shipping to distributors by the end of November 2022.

So, this is looking to be a pretty exciting release, and although we will, as always, reserve full judgement until we’ve had the Maxim 9 on the range for testing (which will be in process soon!), we believe that KRYTAC have just set a LOT of airsofters drooling!

Watch this space for more!