Since we first talked about the KRYTAC SILENCERCO MAXIM 9 back in October it seems like we keep seeing it, and hearing about it, everywhere!

Stewbacca had chance to get hands-on at the KRYTAC OWNERS MEETING in Japan (full report on this event to drop in the new issue on THURSDAY!), and already there’s moves to make this unique pistol more accessible to players from the get-go as KRYTAC have now announced THE MAXIM 9 DEPLOYMENT PACK!

This will be an all-inclusive kit, with every accessory attachment, for the ultimate MAXIM 9 “experience”; basically it will equip the new owner with everything they need to make the pistol 100% game-ready!

The KRYTAC Tracer + Extension Kit will create a realistic muzzle effect unlike any other, with the exclusive KRYTAC Orange Flame setting. The Adjustable Holster will retain the pistol on your gear in either short or long configurations. You’ll be able to operate the MAXIM 9 with either of the included Green Gas or CO2 magazines, and the multi-footprint Optics Plate will accommodate most micro red dot sights for fast target acquisition. A short accessory rail is also included for the addition of lights or lasers under the muzzle.

KRYTAC say that;

“Everything you need to dominate with the MAXIM 9 is neatly organized in a custom-foam-cut carrying case. The Deployment Pack is the ultimate edition of the ultimate airsoft gas blowback pistol!”

Props to KRYTAC for really getting behind their new pistol model; it’s refreshing to see everything that we as players need to field a new model in one big bundle, and we hope that others will take note!

We understand that the pack will start shipping in JANUARY 2023, but it can be pre-ordered right now!