ActionSportGames have just announced their ACSU PRO, and we definitely like the sound of this simple and easy upgrade!

To improve trigger response and gearbox efficiency, the Airsoft Smart Control Unit (ASCU) is an easy to fit upgrade for almost all common ‘Version 2’ type gearboxes as found in many AR and M4 style AEGs.

The ASCU PRO delivers a mechanical electronic fire control, a pre-cocking mode, an active breaking unit and a short circuit protection system in one fantastic ECU board. Fitting the ASCU PRO to a compatible version gear box allows for faster shot release, programmable fire modes and reduces strain on the AEGs motor, internal components and any attached battery.

One of the key features of the ASCU PRO is the ability to tailor the trigger response to your needs and preference. Within seconds you can easily adjust the unit to select a range of fire mode settings including full auto, burst fire and the ability to lock the AEG to semi-automatic only.

Built to take whatever you can throw at it the ASCU PRO is able to take huge power loads of up to 240A meaning that the latest generation of high power LiPo batteries present no problems for it.

The ASCU PRO is sure to be an essential item for those seeking to give an old favourite AEG a modern competitive edge.

Available now, order the ASCU PRO electronic control unit from your local ASG dealer today!