Well this week is certainly moving right along, but unlike the old saying there most definitely IS something to see here, and it’s the new ICS Lightway-Dagger!

This super little AEG has been designed for close quarter “ops” and is light, robust, and compact. Much like some of the more recent ICS releases it will be available with different internal operating systems, Mosfet or the SSS Control Unit; the SSS is programmed with third generation gubbins (a technical term for you right there, you’re welcome!) and comes with a short stroke trigger, pre-cocking and smart trigger #smart trigger

What this means is that just tapping the short stroke trigger with pre-cocking will greatly reduce the shooting cycle giving the user a brand new experience of rapid trigger use and control.

This is just about to start field-testing with us, and we’ll be sure to bring you our usual “under-the-hood” report just as soon as testing is complete!