At the back end of last month we were very pleased indeed to see that CLASSIC FG had been put back into the A-TACS line, and it reminded us that there’s another pattern that’s very little talked about, and that’s A-TACS GHOST!

GHOST was derived from both A-TACS iX and LE-X, and was designed as a tactical option for Military, Government and Law Enforcement Urban Operations. GHOST combines eleven variable shades of neutral grey that not only gives it an aggressive look, but also makes it VERY effective in urban settings.

You’ll find A-TACS GHOST on a wide variety of gear from select A-TACS Camo CORE ELITE brand partners, like one of our favourite pack brands, WISPORT, and amongst other models we’re really pleased to see one of the best multi-day patrol packs out there in our opinion, the ZIPPERFOX 40L, now available in the pattern. This is by no means a cheap pack, but from experience we can tell you that it’s quite excellent, and it’s most definitely a case here of “you get what you pay for”!

Our mates at Military1st have a superb selection of products on A-TACS LE/GHOST including a whole range of clothing, gear and packs, so if you’re looking for a total solution in a pattern that’s just a bit different for your CQB adventures, be sure to check it out!