We’be been extremely lucky to work with RRM Airsoft, a cutting edge new company from Kyrgyzstan to help them develop and realise their first new GBB pistol model, and what a delight it is!

Based on the The FP-45 Liberator, which was a pistol manufactured by the United States military during World War II for use by resistance forces in occupied territories, the guys at RE RE Minima Airsoft have created a working NGBB version of this minimalist handgun that’s sure to please less-active airsofters worldwide. Jolon (Joe to his friends) from RRMA told us:

“With new technology available and many years of development in our manufacturing facility in Cholpon-Ata we are now ready to hit the global market with our very first NGBB pistol, and we are very excited! The “Liberator” has been made specifically for all those players who REALLY believe in a minimalist, “light is right” loadout, and the new pistol will be perfect for this as it’s tiny!

However, we have managed to create this model with our new “PTMA Hop-Up” technology and our new “Tempestus” nozzle that means that the “Liberator” can project a .20g BB at up to 500fps, with a range of up to 95m! Not only this, but we’ve managed to incorporate a full-auto function into the design and will be releasing both extended magazines and a 272 BB drum mag soon!”

This all sounds VERY interesting to us, and we believe it will provide a totally unique playing experience! Jo also told us that RRMA hope to build their range based around their proprietary technologies, with full-metal, fully-licenced Colt .25, Cobray Pocket Pal, and Berretta Bobcat models already in the pipeline, and there’s even some talk of a “Mighty Cricket” replica too!

For now you can check out the new models HERE, and the “Liberator” will be available as standard with a 20 BB mag, and will come in Black, Silver, or “Aged” finishes (pictured), and we’ll be getting one on the range just as soon as it arrives via YAKPOST!