With more and more of us stuck indoors, it is important to stay active but when you’ve tidied the house a dozen times, mowed the lawn until the grass is only .5mm tall, watched everything worth watching on Netflix and all you really want to do is play airsoft, what then…?

Well, you could challenge the cat to a bit of CQB, but kicking down doors at home might not be such a good idea and unless you can replicate the jungles of Vietnam with a couple of dahlias and a rubber plant… Yeah! Err… No, that ain’t going to work either!

So how do you get your airsoft fix when nobody can go outside???

Well, we can’t stop the lockdown but we can help you pass the time by reading every issue of Airsoft Action for FREE! That’s right, you can read every single issue we have ever published for absolutely nothing… nil… nada… zip… zilch… zero… all without having to leave the comfort of your armchair!

So grab a cuppa, sit back, relax, click/tap [HERE] to head over to the Airsoft Action website, hit the “Back Issues” menu and enjoy the beauty of digital publishing!