Whilst Concealed Carry might seem a bit of an odd subject for airsofters who usually carry their RIFs obviously and with great pride, it’s actually pretty valid if you’re of the “OPFOR persuasion”, and the things that are imnportant in the real world are also generally important for anyone playing a a role that means they have to carry all their kit in a less obvious fashion.

Our friend Chris over at Airsoft & Milsim News has put a great article together along with his friend Richard (founder and editor of Scopes Field, and a columnist at The National Interest, 1945, Daily Caller and other publications) to illustrate just what you should be thinking of when it comes to running “concealed”, and he tells us that there are;

“a lot of lessons every concealed carrier needs to learn and get familiar with…” as he covers off everything from holsters to the type of pants that work best!

If you’re an OPFOR player that likes to be able to get in close and stay under the BLUFOR radar, then this is a MUST READ and you can check the article out in full HERE