Our good mate and AA LEGION ASSOCIATE Chris over at AIRSOFT & MILSIM NEWS has really hit 2023 HARD, and his latest build based on the SIG AIR MCX VIRTUS really ticks a LOT of the boxes we love when it comes to setting up an AEG or GBB platform!

Chris tells us that;

“For this Boomstick Porn presentation, I’ve chosen a setup I saw the other day in use by a SEK (SpezialEinsatzKommando or SonderEinsatzKommando) operator during a raid somewhere in Germany. This setup is a current a “WIP” and some of the parts such as the Unity Tactical FAST mounts and the Griffin backup sights are added by myself as I run them on my other rifles as well. I’m pretty sure, these mounts will find their way into the German Law Enforcement units some day or maybe already did but we just haven’t seen pictures in public yet. Time will tell…

NOTE: Always respect the people in uniform! They stand for you, me, our loved once and friends so don’t be a dick! When you reenact, do it smart and don’t blame anyone!”

This looks absolutely righteous to us, and as it’s inspired by a real-world setup so much the better!

We’re looking forward to seeing what Chris will create next, and you’d better believe we’ll share it when we see it… for now though just hop on over to AIRSOFT & MILSIM NEWS HERE for more fabulous images and the full rundown of the parts used in this awesome build!