Those of you out there in the global airsoft community that know the Airsoft Action Team personally will already know that we have a deep and direct family connection to Ukraine, and this is why we have refrained until this point from making any comment regarding the ongoing aggression and violence being inflicted on both the country and its population.

We have been asked already why we have not got involved in the moves online to use our industry connections to provide support for the Ukranian cause, but you can rest assured that we will be “doing our bit” and more, and our admiration for the people of Ukraine is without question.

However, what we WILL NOT be doing in any way is trying to use the situation to our advantage or benefit, either directly or indirectly.

We will not be creating any “special merchandise” to sell, or indeed “virtue signalling” in any way, shape, or form.

We will not condone those that do; you can be the judge of who aims to benefit from a horrendous situation, and we simply ask that you show your support for all the people of Ukraine in a positive and respectful way.

We have already spoken to a number of our industry partners directly and those on the tactical gear side have assured us that they are taking steps to offer immediate aid and assistance, and we can only commend their actions in the highest terms. We are proud to have partners that stand up to be counted when it really matters, and we look forward to working with them again in better times. For those specifically on the airsoft retail side we also commend your actions for an immediate cessation of holding stock from Russian businesses, even though we appreciate that this is detrimental to you own financial position.

We are both sickened and horrified by what continues to unfold in Ukraine, and indeed we are working to ensure safe passage for a number of family members to safety. We are sure that you will all understand that this month, although we will try our hardest to meet our commitments to both you, our readers, and to our industry partners, that the issue of Airsoft Action that normally appears online on the 15th of the month may be slightly delayed for once.

We will not be making further posts to our web news or social media channels this week to show our respect for the brave people of Ukraine and our understanding of the gravity of the current situation in their beloved country.

Слава Україні!