Just a heads-up that after ELEVEN YEARS we are moving the AA Office!

As Airsoft Action has grown considerably since our move to being a fully digital free-to-read publication, with thousands of readers internationally, more UK contributors and even more AA Legion members around the world providing high-quality content each and every month, the time has finally come that we need to move to new premises to allow us to continue with our own plans to grow even more in the future!

Once the move is complete we’re also taking the opportunity to have a vacation… those batteries don’t recharge on their own, right?

The old office will therefore be shut from 1st September 2022, and we will reopen on 21st September 2022.

During this time we will also NOT be posting daily news here on www.airsoftaction.net, and regular daily news posts will resume on Monday 26th September 2022.

Don’t worry though as Issue 142 is already up on the server and ready for publication as usual on Thursday 15th September 2022, and it’s another biggy!

Thanks for your understanding and consideration, and rest assured that once the move is made we’ll be back and rolling again like never before, and we hope that you’ll continue to be with us as Airsoft Action continues to grow and cements its place even further as the go-to-source for airsofters everywhere!

We’ll see you all on the flip-side once the move is done, but for now, as always we’ll sign off by saying enjoy your very own airsoft adventures wherever you may be, and whatever YOUR kind of airsoft is, Play Hard, Play Safe, and above all Play with Honour!