The good people at LCT Airsoft are once again inviting all friends who love the LCT brand/products and airsoft to show their enthusiasm towards LCT products through their 2021 video/film contest!

This could be pretty challenging for many given the ongoing C-Virus situation, but in our mind it means that you can really show you imagination and unique flair for airsoft in a very special way this year.

You’ll need to register for the second LCT International Short Film Contest, display innovation and creativity, and shoot short films (more than 3 minutes) that fit the theme, and there will be a chance to win great prizes and the first new products for 2021 from LCT.

The theme of this time is “POWER OF MODULAR FANTASY”; LCT is committed to the development of various modular parts, allowing airsofters to freely change their favorite AEG’s appearance and upgrade the performance. They believe all LCT players can create their favorite personal style, and this is the chance for you to show off yours!

1.Video length limit: no less than 3 minutes, and the longest limit is
10 minutes.
2.Video resolution/format: minimum 1920×1080 (Full HD), mp4 format,
horizontal shooting. Vertical shooting and non-mp4 format videos are
not accepted.
3.Presenting style: Unlimited, such as plots, advertisements, Music Video,
etc., individual and group shootings are not restricted.
Emphasizing the characteristics of the protagonist of the LCT, and
presenting according with the theme of the competition.
4.LCT products must be used for guns and accessories. Others such as
scopes, gun slings, bipods and other products that are not produced by
LCT are not restricted, and obvious signs of brands other than LCT
are not allowed to be shown.Only LCK.LC-3.LK-33and machinegun,
without M4.
5.Each entry is limited to one piece. If participating in the name of a team,
the representative information should be attached, and the rights and
obligations will be exercised by the representative.

For more information on registration please do check in with LCT Airsoft on their Facebook page!