It may seem at the moment like the airsoft world has gone into hibernation, but the fact is that all of the very best and most innovative AEG and GBB manufacturers are working as hard as ever to bring us new, exciting products ready for us to hit the sites and fields again just as soon as we’re able!

As regular readers of the Airsoft Action will know, we’ve been very closely, some might even say intimately, involved with the hugely exciting “VORSK Project”; we pride ourselves on working extremely closely with all the very best airsoft manufacturers and brands so that we can bring you the very latest news, backed up by in-depth reviews and articles, just a quickly as it emerges, and today we’re extremely pleased to announce the latest addition to the ever-expanding VORSK pistol range, the “Big McDaddy” of the bunch, the TITAN 7.

Joining the likes of classic “big handgun” models like the “DEagle”, the Auto Mag, and the MK23, when it comes to the TITAN 7 Ross, head of the development teams behind VORSK, told us “It’s been all about making that “hand cannon” we have always wanted to make as airsoft as well as firearm enthusiasts”, and it looks as if the nail has been hit well and truly on the head with this new design!

As far as we’re concerned, all you need to do is look at the TITAN 7 for it to evoke the feeling of “I want to shoot that bad boy”, at least it did with us as we saw the designs move from concept to reality! At over 9 inches long with a threaded inner and outer barrel (yes, the new Vorsk “Agency Silencer” will fit the TITAN 7!) this Replica is a real “beast” designed in the same vein as the 4.3 and 5.1 models that we’ve already reviewed positively and continue to torture-test in our regular “VORSK Diaries” updates.

Taking all the positives from the existing models, the “Big Boy TITAN” ups the ante as it features an ingenious split slide design that will offer unparalleled performance and trigger response, as well as a long full body length under-barrel rail and an “as close to the bore as possible” optic rail mounting; interestingly the optic rail itself is another new VORSK item created for this model, but shows that the development team just keep adding extra features to make the VORSK pistols even more attractive to us as buyers and users.

Coming in June 2020 this model will be available in a variety of colours, with and without the red dot option, so be sure to look for updates via VORSK social media as to when exactly the TITAN 7 will be landing with your local retailer.

All we can say is that we’ll be getting the TITAN 7 under the test and evaluation spotlight just as soon as we can, and this is most definitely an eagerly-awaited case of “Supersize me baby!”