Master Mods is an individual brand that has its own team for development and manufacturing, but the brand are the one that ICS Airsoft collaborate with for “special projects”, and their premium parts are now even pre-installed in some of the ICS models like PDW9 SSS version and Peleador 2.0!

The team at Master Mods tell us “we build components we love, parts that we will put in our airsoft guns. We enjoy the fun of perfecting things, and share that with you all. #perfectingtheperfected”

We’re very pleased to report that we’ve just received a delivery of Master Mods parts for a special build in Airsoft Action so we can really check them out in detail and chart pre and post installation performance, but first impressions are that they really are of the very highest quality, and they ooze class; it’s just a pity that they’ll end up “unseen” inside an AEG!

Our in-house “tech team” will be getting to grips with these awesome upgrade parts, and we’ll be covering a step-by-step build using them in a coming issue, so watch this space for updates!

To avoid any confusion, ICS tell us that they are looking after distribution for the brand which will ensure that it reaches players efficiently through an established dealer chain! The great news for UK players is that Master Mods products are already showing in the Fire Support Webstore, waiting for more new stock to arrive!

We’re very much looking forward to seeing what can be achieved with these super, high-grade parts, but in the meantime you can follow the latest news on the Master Mods Facebook Page!