We use the phrase “anatomic” and “ergonomic” a lot when it comes to airsoft clothing and gear, but what are we really saying?

What we’re really talking about is how you clothing and gear interacts with your body, and the design factors that can maximize productivity by minimizing operator fatigue and discomfort; many critical design and construction characteristics determine how well an item of tactical clothing serves you in the field.

Understanding how this applies to your clothing system is vital, and Armin over at UF PRO has written a great piece on their blog that goes a long way to explaining exactly what a complex subject, and how this can be applied to best effect! He tells us;

“Our first priority in clothing isn’t fashion. It’s performance. The highest. And that means clothing offering superior functionality, comfort, and safety.”

To read more, and to check out another outstanding video, then please visit the UF PRO Blog HERE